Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whine Wednesday

Today is totally a Whine Wednesday!

(I like this picture very much but I end the above sentiment with the word...TOMORROW)

I will be grateful for this day...tomorrow.

So don't worry, I plan on a "Thankful Thursday" but for now...I must whine...just a little.

1.  When your washing machine breaks down (go here to read about our past washer woes) it literally can break you. After five years of washer woes, and finally getting a new one for free from Sears, we have luckily been free from any problems.  But everything changed on broke.  Imagine how many loads of laundry a family of 7 can create...mounds!  Even though Grandma did some over the weekend, within what seems like hours laundry begins to pile up! It is taking over our house.  HELP AND GACK!  So my "washer whine" has to do with the repair company that NEVER showed up today during the FIVE hour window of time requiring me to remain home hoping to see their lovely faces.  After calling Sears and speaking with someone from... INDIA (seriously?), we came to the conclusion that they had the wrong number.  Next appointment...Monday!

2.  After finally spot cleaning the many stains on my living room carpet (walked on daily by piano students) AND spending the previous evening cleaning the hardwood floors...the "huge" snow storm didn't bring snow but dag nab did bring in my son with the muddiest shoes ever!  He casually walks into the room (yes, white carpet) leaving a trail of my tears as well as his dirty footprints. I think I will clean that up tomorrow when I am in a better mood.

3.  Will my tub ever get fixed?

4.  Why did Ann have to get sick today right before our scheduled 14 mile run tomorrow?  And Vanessa, why do you have a meeting?  Linda T., work schmurk...I need you guys!  Now I am left to run alone!  Thanks a lot!

5. Frustrated that my dear friend Erin's little 11 month old son is very sick.  He had a seizure the other night, leading to worry that his white blood cell count was low.  A whine for her, from me...because she would not. Erin, you are an amazing woman.

See that wasn't so bad!

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