Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On My Laundry List...

(the stack is so big it is covering our entire king size bed and all 7 of us are hiding under this you see my little head sticking out under that towel?)

Well...laundry is actually on my laundry list (as well as 500 other things).

After having a non functioning washing machine for two weeks and going out of town during part of that time led to the largest pile of laundry in need of folding I have ever seen.

I could have done it last night but it was Valentine's Day, a pretty good excuse I must admit. I thought about folding it today, especially after seeing the dog sleeping so comfortably on the pile but I passed once again.

Tonight I have decided to hire some under age workers to help me with the mound.  I have a few bags of M&M's I picked up today for literally next to nothing to coax "the help" into my room. After they follow the little path of M&M's, I will quickly lock the door behind them and throw my head back as I cackle a hysterical evil laugh...then in all seriousness I will say, "Start folding!"  I will then hop into my bed, grab my own bag of chocolate and turn on American Idol.

Doesn't that sound divine?!

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