Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simply Run

Today it was 14.  Next week it will be 16.  There will be a few 18.  Then come the 20 milers...

Man this is hard.

But I also can remember when running 3 miles was hard.  After carrying 5 children, serving a mission, having a broken foot, etc...there have been plenty of periods where I could not run.  And running again was so hard.  But I wouldn't let the "so hard" keep from me ever running again. I decided I would simply run. Before I knew it, I was running 3, 4, 6...and then a marathon!

And you would think that after doing this whole marathon training "thing" ten times, it would get easier.


I have run 14 miles more times than I can count.  I have also run more than 14 miles more than I can count. And yet, each time I set out on my weekly long run, I have to mentally prepare myself. I find my happy place..and pace...and then simply run.

I try not to over think the number of miles required, the weather, an ache...there will always be an excuse. 

Sometimes I have friends to run with.  Sometimes I have to run alone (today).  Sometimes I have music and other times my iPod dies (today).  Sometimes there is wind to push gently at my back.  Sometimes (no make that all of the time), that same gentle wind, becomes  a real pain when I face it head on (today).  Sometimes there are hills to climb (today) and other times I get to run down the hill.

Today I heard birds chirping happily in the trees. The only reason I heard them was the iPod dying at mile 10.  I was actually grateful to hear their song for a few miles instead of the loud numbing beat that I had heard so many times before.

I waved at friends passing by as they started their busy day.  And I waved at strangers who walked the same path as me.

With 14 miles completed, I feel stronger both in spirit and body.  It is amazing how running can do that.

Was it easy? Absolutely not.  But I had the choice this morning to avoid or to conquer my goal. I chose to conquer! There will be more challenging goals coming my way in the next few months and I will accomplish those too.

By simply running.

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