Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming and Going

I love the feeling I get when I am passing through an airport.  I experience a real sense of joy seeing the hustle and bustle of people headed to who knows where...some are coming (from where?) some are going (where to?)...rarely do I know.

Feelings of exhilaration enter my soul when I am walking with purpose to my gate...going somewhere...whether to visit my parents, lay on a beach, run a race, see a friend...having the opportunity to place the stresses of normal life on a shelf for a short time.

I love the going.

On occasion, I strike up a conversation with the stranger next to me and learn about their coming or their going...everyone will have a story...I love to hear them.

I see mothers with children in tow, carrying bags, favorite stuffed animals, loaded down...sometimes one of those children fall desperately to the floor in a complete exhausted tantrum(wouldn't it be a sight if we as adults did that?).  The mother, trying to contain her composure (and hide her own exhaustion) deals remarkably with love and patience.  It reminds me of the many times I traveled with my five little ones (whew!).  I love to offer a hand.

And then there is the coming...anxiously returning home to the life I love, albeit hard at times, stressful too, but mine, all mine.  Children who place arms around me and tell me they missed me, sharing my adventures with friends, and reminiscing with my husband about the journeys we have taken together.

I love the coming.

Best of all is the perfect the combination of going away with the one you love and then coming home together....

This happened one year ago today...I miss you Hawaii but so grateful for the memories.

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