Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rocking For Runnin'g Playlist

I have just created myself a new running playlist. It is rather amazing if I say so myself (thanks to Sommer too). I tried it out today and was impressed at my workout which definitely had more pep in each step!

If you are looking to rock it...check out these songs:

Too Many Fish: Karmin
Burn it Down: Awolnation
Anything Could Happen: Ellie Goulding
Next to Me: Emeil Sande'
I Love It: Icona Pop
You Feel Amazing: Radical Something
Say Yes: Radical Something
Try: Pink
Shiver, Shiver: Walk the Moon
Vibe to This: Radical Something

Since my dear Ann moved away, I have been mostly a solo runner and must lean on a fast beat rather than a friend. And although I prefer that friend, music will have to do...

Jen, Linda, Kristi, Vanessa, Erin, Jamie, VDOT, Frank, Pete, Matt, Rob, and EVERY DEAR RUNNING PARTNER I HAVE EVER HAD....why does life have to be so busy?  

If you have any favorites, please share!