Monday, February 13, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Besides a melatonin combined with a half of a Tylenol PM...or maybe huge amount of chips and guacamole...

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

My kids claim I don't laugh enough. I reply by telling them that they aren't funny enough.  Truth is, I laugh on the "inside" unless you are super funny. So in reality, if you can get me to "LOL" then you can pretty much consider yourself a really funny person!

And speaking of funny people, I was fortunate enough to see the ever so funny (and gratefully ever so clean) comedian, Jim Gaffigan on Saturday with my bestie, Michelle in North Carolina.

It didn't take long before I was LOLing with the rest of the folks (although I still don't think I laugh quite as much as some).  He is one funny dude!

Here is one of my favorites by Gaffigan:


You want to hear a funny thing? I love bowling...and was on a league growing up...I know embarrassing!  And because we love it, we host a bowling tournament every so often with our friends.  Let me know if you need to be medicated with some "laughter" and you can join us for our next tournament!

I have to mention (for memory sake), the two empty seats that were in front of ours before the show began. Both Michelle and I were relieved that our view was not impeded by anyone or anything.  But that feeling of relief was short lived when a middle aged couple sat down in front of us.  The man was tall but not that tall. He sat in front of me. And although we was a few inches taller then the rest of the folks beside him (I know because I checked), I could still see over his head.  But his date was not only tall, she decided to wear her hair in an up-do.  And within her up and do, contained what looked like a mass of feathers.  She was easily 4 inches taller than her man, making Michelle's view of the stage non-existent.  We figured she would "settle in" to her seat, relax into her date's arm (which was around her with his fingers making a little circular motion...around and around her shoulder...driving me crazy to just watch...can't imagine how irritating that would feel), giving us a little break with her long torso and high hair...but no.  Come to find out, she liked to sit a bit forward with the straightest back I have ever seen (maybe she was a ballerina or didn't like seat backs)! 

Luckily Michelle was willing to seek out an usher and explain our sad tale of woe. Moments later the supervisor grabbed both of us and took us to the lower level. On our way down the stairs, she explained that all of the workers had seen this "super tall lady with the feathery hair" come in.  They had mentioned how sorry they felt for the sucker who had to sit behind this woman (us). So she was more than happy to find us a better spot...which ended up being on the main floor and rather close to the stage!

Boy am I feeling good today...thanks laughter!

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