Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Change Goes a LONG Way!

"If you always do, what you have always done, you will always get, what you have always gotten."

If you want to get fit (or fitter than you are now or even fitter than you have ever been), you have to make some changes! Even small changes make a difference. 

Walk a little longer. Run a little faster. Lift a little more often. Eat a little less (especially candy).

Notice it ONLY takes a little change to make a big difference. A great analogy is to think of a gear. A very small cog can turn a very large wheel.  Simple as that.  Little cog, big wheel turns.  Just think what your "little cog" can be and start moving your wheel!

I know that everyone can make little changes (even you).

Since we are all at different stages in our fitness and we all have different goals, whether those goals are to lose weight, run our first 5k, eat more healthy, begin walking, build muscle...change is a must.

This year I decided I wanted to improve my marathon time. And as comfortable (and fun) it was to run a nice easy pace while chatting with my friends...I wasn't getting any faster. There was NO way I was going to give up my runs with my dear friends so I decided to make a little change in order to reach my goal.

My plan:

1. When running solo, I had to run faster. It didn't matter what the distance, I just had to run a little faster. Anything under 5 miles, required a 7:30 pace. Anything over that mileage, required a sub 8:00 pace. The pace wasn't always spot on but it was faster...and a change.

2. When running with a friend, pace didn't matter. I ran with the goal to enjoy my time with them.

This allowed me to not only improve my pace in the long run (and to reach my goal) but also kept me running with my friends (something I cherish).

It's time to get fit.

Your checklist:

1. Choose an activity that YOU love (or can live with)...not everyone likes to run. Most likely you will keep doing something you love to do.

2. Be realistic. If you have never run before don't make the goal to run 5 miles everyday for the next 10 years. Start by telling yourself, you will run 5 minutes, 5 times a week (and walk the other 25 minutes). Each week increase your running time by 1-2 minutes. In just a few months, you will be running the entire 30 minutes. Don't tell yourself that you will never eat chocolate again (impossible). Why not make a small change such as only one chocolate treat per day (the size of that treat would be up to you).
Last night I found my "little cog" after thinking about my daunting 17 mile run I had to do today.  I texted my friend Ann (who has been sick for a few weeks...I have missed you girl) and asked if I could run to her house.  After the 10 mile solo trek, I reached her house were I was able to take a quick break, filling my water, have a snack AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...take her with me for my final 7 miles!

This little change helped carry me a LONG way....17 miles to be exact!


Ann said...

Love it! One of these days I'll go the distance. Yes I can.

Ann said...

I love it. One of these days I'll go the distance. Yes I can.