Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Sweet IT Is!

There are a lot of sweet thangs out there...everyone has their own idea of what their "sweet" is...

I started thinking about all of the "sweets" in my life while on my run this morning.  Now don't assume I am only talking about "the candy type" of sweets...I mean, I am, I will, I MUST eventually bring them up in this post, but not quite yet. 

My first sweet came when I saw the cutest little Golden Retriever puppy wobble down the sidewalk.  The proudest little girl ever led her new addition along on a bright pink leash, headed to the bus stop.  Immediately the other children began to gather around her...ooohing and ahhhing at the fluffy bundle of complete sweetness that only a puppy can create.  I felt a pitter patter of joy watching this event take place. 

A sweet it is (a big stinky dog...not so sweet anymore).

It wasn't long before the first rain drop fell. I knew it was going to happen after watching the early morning news forecast us a rainy day. While most people seem to get a little depressed when clouds make their way to town, bringing with them a sprinkling of drizzle, I don't.  I love the rain.  A chilly day, combined with precipitation (in any form) immediately calls for a fluffy warm blanket, a good book and treats.  Knowing I have a very difficult time slowing down, the rain has a calming effect on my hectic, self induced crazy life. sweet it is (HUGE rain storm while on a beach vacation...not so sweet anymore).

Music can really get me moving and grooving while I run.  I seriously have the sweetest play list right now on my iPod!  I start my runs at a relaxed easy pace but as soon as my awesome be-boppin' songs come on, my pace naturally picks up. I have a spring in my step created simply by the super fun and fast tempo music!  When you have to run (yes...I have to is crazy how many times I am being chased by a criminal...dumb luck I guess), music makes it so much more fun.

My play list (just in case you care):

Brighter than the Sun (Colbie Caillat)
Give Me All You Luvin' (Madonna)
Drive By (Train)
Young, Wild and Free (Snoop Dog)
Wild Ones (Flo Rida)
Turn Me On (David Guetta)
Knockout (Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj)
Tonight is the Night (Outasight)
You Da One (Rihanna)
Domino (Jessie J)
Mr. Saxobeat (Alexanfra Stan)
Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez)
Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO)
Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
Im Into You (J Lo)
Tonight is the Night (hot Chelle Rae)
Last Friday Night (Katy) sweet it is (until I find out my iPod isn't charged, has been stolen by one of my children or dies unexpectedly)!

Candy is magical in every way. It can make a saddened heart smile...guaranteed.  I can't tell you how many times I have pulled a simple Tic Tac (orange flavor) out of my purse and saved a mother from her tantruming child.  Candy can be as valuable as money too.  I mean, I can offer my child a dollar or a Hershey bar to empty the dishwasher and the candy is chosen 100% of the time. And believe you me, I have tried to use carrots or an apple as an incentive and to this day, it has never been chosen (sorry nature).  If you haven't had those little Cadbury chocolate eggs found during the Easter season, don't...they are very dangerous (in a good way).  Friends of mine know that I always have candy on hand. Not only do I keep it in my purse, car and church bag...I have multiple secret stashes throughout my home.  P.S. I love to share... sweet it is (unless it's gone).

Thrift stores are seriously sweet when you don't have the money to buy the brands/styles you want (and I am serious about my brands...probably from all of the years I worked at Nordstrom).  There are some sweet stores of the thrift variety in our area (and I am sure in your community as well. While in North Carolina last weekend, Michelle introduced me to a couple of her favorites...and showed off her awesome stylish fashion...SWEETNESS).  Today I needed a shopping fix, so I headed to Falls Church.  For $40, I came home with 3 pairs of boots (oh how I needed some new ones), skinny jeans (been coveting a pair for months), shirts, a sweater, shorts, all totally cute, brands I love and just my style.

Thrift sweet it is (unless I can afford smells much better).

Of course husbands are sweet.  My children are too.  Friends fall easily in the sweet category as well.  Vacations to Hawaii, the cruise I have never taken, skiing, seeing a show in New York...also find their way into my sweet archive.

In reality, our own "how sweet it is" list is as long and luscious as the next person.  Which is absolutely wonderful...that each of us have lives filled with sweetness!  The problem isn't the absence of wonderful things that bring us joy, it is lack of recognizing those simple yet sweet blessings that surround us.

Take a moment to remember your sweet.

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