Monday, January 5, 2009

Washer Woes

When Garth and I moved into our house almost 6 years ago we purchased "the best"washer money could buy.
The Calypso by GE was the one to have...
Lucky for you they don't make it anymore.
Lucky for us we bought a 5 year service plan.
I have made dear friends with the Sears Service People. When they come I ask how their kids are and what is new in their lives. I know which washers (besides mine) break down the most. I know, because I have asked so often, which washer I should purchase when my service agreement ends.
In 5 years it has broken down 12 times.
12 times.
They do have a lemon law with washers. They need to be serviced four times in one year. I have hit three every time.
But I am feeling lucky this year. Since November 7th 2008 they have come three times already.
...and after seeing what simple things will break down my washer motor...
I might just start washing the following a bit more often:
And then we can take our washer and push it over the highest cliff we can find.
But then I will miss the most incredible willing Grandma Gair that offers to wash AND fold our laundry when our washer doesn't work...(I might just have to have the new one "break down" every so often).
So I am crossing my fingers that in the next 11 months this blasted washer will break...again!


Goose said...

Love the firepit! How cozy. Still didn't get a Porter cute Christmas card...

The Curtis Family said...

Here's wishing you the worst luck ever on your washer! I'm sending you the vibes that caused my dryer to break down over Thanksgiving :).

just jen said...

i like the grandma gair service, where can i sign up?

Cherilyn said...

I've had a lemon too and Maytag wouldn't stand behind it. Also, I think the lemon laws requires 4 in one calendar year not 12 month period. Double check on that. I've been happy with my Kenmore and GE and just the regular non front load. Save your money - I think the front loaders are a lot of hype! Good luck! My sister always says "what's next?"