Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Back Up Plan(s)

I love back up plans.

It seems too often that moments before we are running out the door to church, I hear one of my younger children exclaim, "I can't find my shoes!"

It used to stress both Garth and I tremendously as we quickly scoured our house, searching for the missing shoe.  But now, I don't get stressed.  I simply have a pair of Crocs as my back up plan.

Today the black Crocs saved the day.  Did Ashton look his Sunday best?  Not quite.  Did he have shoes to wear, yes.

Back up plans are essential.  Notice how I put an "s" on plans...sometimes we need more than one back up.

On our 6 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas last week, Mike, Matt and I needed a back up plan when Mike noticed the light on the "empty tank" lit up.  We were having so much fun, we failed to even check such an essential item...gas...before setting out on our adventure.  And if you have traveled I-15 south, you are well aware that gas stations are few and far between.

Mike made it clear he had a back up plan...Matt and I.  He calmly and resolutely explained that not if but when we ran out of gas, Matt and I would place our running shoes on guessed it, "run" to get gas.

As we continued to drive mile after mile on fumes, we anxiously awaited (especially Matt and I) for a town that would provide us with a full tank. 

After 5 miles passed and no towns in site, I went with my back up plan...a quick prayer. 

I honestly think we drove at least 20 miles with an empty tank.

And gratefully, no running took place that day...see...we needed more than one plan.

We often hear about the importance of staying out of debt, having savings, a storage of food and water.  These are back up plans!

Most people believe that debt isn't real, that saving for a rainy day is pointless (and of course no fun) and storing food is totally dumb.

It's not.

This past year, Garth lost his job AND experienced illness.  How grateful we were to be out of debt, had just enough money to meet our needs and food to feed our family.

And we had multiple back up plans set and ready to put into effect.

Do I like Crocs? Absolutely not. In fact, the funniest quote I read the other day posted on Facebook by my friend read,

"Wow, that's a nice lookin' pair of Crocs," said no one ever.

Do they cover our feet? Yes.

Do I like to run out of gas? No.  Do I want to run 5 miles to get it when if I happen to have an empty tank? No.  Do I believe in the power of prayer. Absolutely.

Do I like having a limited supply of funds? No.  Do I like all of my five children?  BIG YES!  Am I willing to give up the things of the world, instant gratification and the like in order to have those amazing children?  Oh yes and yes...

“If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."
D&C 38:30

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Mom N said...

Love it. And a solid and firm AMEN. But..I do like those lime CROCS.