Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Share Yourself

Remember the children's story, The Rainbow Fish?"  I loved that book!  As I read it to my children when they were young, I hoped they would understand its message of sharing oneself with those around you.   My little ones would touch their tiny fingers to the Rainbow Fish's shiny scales in awe of her sparkles. 

With all of the glitz and glam glittering over the Rainbow Fish's outer shell, one would think she was the happiest fish in the sea.  Yet, we are surprised to find out, that although she is beautiful, she is actually lonely and sad.  Other fish have attempted to be her friend.  She believes that their requests of having just one of "her sparkling scales," is wrong and will actually take away from who she is....

How wrong she was...

Thankfully by the end of the story, she realizes she has made a huge mistake.  As soon as she begins to share herself, she becomes truly happy.

With only one sparkle left, she is surrounded by many new friends, who each now possess one of her special scales.

I am indeed grateful to those friends (and family) who have shared themselves with me.  Each willing to give me one of their shiny scales:

running buddy
nutrition expert
taxi service
movie date
home decorator
adventure partner
words with friends opponent
lunch date
biking partner
shoulder to cry on

I would never be me without you.

Thank you friends for your willingness to...

Share Yourself

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