Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sometimes It Swishes.

For those of you who play basketball, you know the awesome feeling of setting up for a jump shot.  You take a quick look at the basket, you square up, you raise the ball, and release it.  As it makes its way to the basket, it drops perfectly into the bucket, completely missing the rim and with a have just made a basket with "nothing but net."

Serious elation follows a shot like that.

Unfortunately, most of the time, when I shoot the ball, it either hits wildly on the rim and bounces out into my opponent's hands or it misses the entire basket altogether.  This phenomena is referred to as an "air ball."

A feeling of deflation follows a shot like that.

Knowing my strengths as a basketball player, I avoid making too many attempts at scoring.  I prefer to use my ability to run, run and run...grab the ball and then pass it to one of my team mates who will most likely be doing the "swishing" type shots.

But today was my day!  I was passed the ball at the beginning of the game. Completely open, I shot...and seconds later...swish!  Thrilled, I high fived a few ladies on my team, thinking that would be the end of it...but no...moments later, I shot the ball again.  It too was a swish kind of shot.  And then there was another and another.  I think in total I made at least 24 points...and most where "nothing but net."  We ended up beating the other team by over 25 points.

You might be thinking I should consider signing up for the WNBA (especially with my height...NOT), but I know better. 

I know that sometimes I may have a game where it really does swish...that big slippery basketball leaves my hands and gives our team the perfect shot and a big score.  But I also know being "on" is not a guarantee. 

Some days will be the "swishes" kind of day and others will be  the air balls.

On our bad "air ball" days, should we throw in the towel, stomp our feet and quit?! Should we lower our head in shame because we missed our mark?  Do we look down on ourselves because we aren't good enough, smart enough, fast enough, skinny enough, healthy good enough!? 

Or do we lean on our team mates that day?  We let them make the baskets...and we give them what we can, a rebound, a steal, a pass. And that way, we all win.

So on a "swish" kind of day, we may be the leader.  We will be the one who makes the points that win the game.  We will lead, we will carry the team, encourage, support and rally.  And that way, we all win.

Enjoy the the ability to "swish"every now and again and be thankful for our friends who "swish" for us when we are having an "air ball" kind of day.

...and  that way, we all win.

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