Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Bums

We are official Beach Bums.
We headed to VA Beach last week to join up with the Andersons and Bloomers for a couple of days of surf and sand...oh yeah, and RAIN!
I say BOO to rain.
Garth and the kids didn't mind at all. But then again, they like to spend most of their time in the ocean so I don't even think they realized it was raining. I on the other hand, prefer the the sun!
And lucky me, we did get one day of sun. Then one day of clouds, and one day of rain.
Not to worry, I built an awesome tent.
Highlights from our trip:
1. The Free Breakfast Buffet every morning. If only Ashton would have eaten SOMETHING they were serving. Luckily, I had brought a box of Honey Nut Cheerios for our little prince.
2. Relenting and letting Ethan buy his beloved hermit crab. He played with it on the beach all day and in the hotel room. He loved that crab. The day after we returned, it was found leg less and dead. Ethan was devastated. The funeral and burial took place today. In lieu of flowers you can send him another crab...
3. Friends for all. Garth and I loved having our friends. The kids loved all of their friends. The beach was a perfect playground for all.
4. Timeshare presentations. Love these! I am never afraid to say no. And always happy to accept free gifts. After their lovely 90 minute attempt at getting the very POOR Porter family to purchase a VA Beach timeshare (yeah right!), we walked away with a $75 gas card, $40 lunch and a 2 night stay free for next year!
5. The freedom of kids getting older. The three older kids spent their days roaming the hotel and surrounding areas. Garth, Sommer and I were able to go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in peace. I went to bed BEFORE everyone else (remember those days of putting little ones to sleep in a cramped hotel room to then have to whisper softly or watch TV on mute hoping not to wake the sleeping beauties). We could actually relax around the water. Everyone could walk. And most of the kids could CARRY items!
6. I didn't hear anyone snore! Thank goodness for a hotel suite and 4 out of 7 of our family members non-snorers (for those that haven't heard, I am a horrible sleeper with any breathing, snoring, moving, blah blah blah...those things that keep people alive when they are asleep).
7. After a 2.5 hour drive from VA Beach to Williamsburg (this should take MAYBE 40 minutes), we were thrilled to use our season passes to Busch Gardens for a much needed break. No real lines...and it wasn't raining (it was pouring down in VA Beach).
8. The super long tunnel that takes travelers under the Chesapeake Bay, is a perfect place to have a "no breathing" contest. Ashton won by miraculously holding his breath while talking!
9. Racing three families in the Scurries (the 6 seater bikes). And almost causing some teenage girls to tip over at top speeds. Thrills all around.
10. Kids (and Garth) sleeping while I drove home (so cute seeing everyone sleeping...but did hear a fair share of snoring)...but absolutely NO TRAFFIC for the remaining 2.5 hour drive.

Kylie and Sommer...Striking a pose
The best beach toy ever...and it was given to us by a stranger.

Always looking for "Shark's teeth" or "crabs."

Garth and Jim waiting for the BIG WAVE!

Morgan and I keeping dry. Is that a great tent?!

Doing what I do best...lounging around and talking....thanks Cherilyn.

Sommer giving the evil eye to...someone...

Not sure what is going on here...but I think it was done while "roaming" without parent supervision.

Neptune, Kylie and Sommer

Ashton and Will. They had a blast playing together.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Better Shots

This is what a real camera and someone (Michelle) who knows how to use it can capture:
Turnigan Arm
Byron's Glacier


The final rock climbing section to peak of's FLAT!

A better shot of Mr. Moose.