Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tangled Enjoyable Mess

Before I share the thoughts in my head, let me start with a disclaimer:

I know I have created my CRAZY life. It is self inflicted. I know it and I kind of like it that way.

My life, simply put is crazy.  Let me tell you what I did today and you tell me if your day was less crazy or more:

6:50 am: The alarm goes off  and I get up without too much difficulty (happy I am finally back on east coast time)
6:51: Wake up Ethan so he can beat Calvin to the newly painted/decorated "boy" shower.
6:52:  I sit by Ethan's bedside until I am sure he is actually awake. After he unpleasantly moans, "Mom! I am awake!" I leave.
6:57:  I go back to my warm bed for my daily "study" time.
7:00-7:10: Read scriptures on Smart phone (sometimes longer, sometimes a shorter time frame...but at least I do it daily people).
7:10-7:30: Check email, Facebook, texts and play a few hands of Words With Friends.
7:30-7:45:  Ask my two middle school boys if they want me to make them breakfast, which leads to their daily reply, "No!" Ask the boys if they want me to make them a lunch..."No!"  Ask the boys if they would like a Huggle. The look in their eyes say, "No!" but I take that silence as a resounding "YES!"  I get my hugs and we pray.  And just like that, hree kids are officially gone for the day (Garth takes Sommer to early morning seminary each morning...bless that man!)
7:45-8:00: Hop back in bed and play a few more rounds of WWF...kick some butt as well as my own.  I await the arrival of my snuggly Tater Tot.  We snuggle.  I then shower and get dressed.
8:00: I wake up Ashton who loves to sleep in and has informed me how painful it is to be woken up each morning. He says he prefers to wake up "naturally."
8:00-8:45: I am overjoyed that 7 and 9 year olds allow me at this age to not only make them breakfast and lunch but actually talk to me in the morning. They each chose who will empty the top or bottom of the dishwasher, practice the piano and head out the door to "play" until the bus comes.
I don't go anywhere until the bus comes.  This is a necessity due to their active nature and the multiple times they have come in crying with a skinned knee needing not only a band-aid but comfort only a mother can give.  Today brought a special surprise.  No, there wasn't any blood...instead Ashton came in crying because he had stepped in poo.  This was a lovely addition to my already crazy morning since it was "soft" poo and his shoes have the deepest treads taking full advantage of "housing" that nasty substance.
8:45: I clean shoe in record time. The bus comes.  All five children and husband are off...I will be joining them 15 minutes later.
8:45-9:00: Straighten morning disaster (and last nights mess...shhh...don't tell)...I won't have any other time to tidy up.
9:00:  Make the 25 mile drive to get fingerprinted (no, not a criminal...just going to be a substitute teacher with all of my extra time..ha).
10:00:  Quickly change into workout gear for my 10:05 training session.
11:00: Quickly change back into clothes
11:01 Call to see when we can get broken washing machine fixed (say a little prayer thanking Heavenly Father for my amazing mother-n-law who offers to do our wash...FOLDING INCLUDED!)
11:05: Call to schedule space for our next coupon class (do you wanna come?)
11:15: Meet Jean for lunch.
12:45:  Stop at T-Mobile to buy a case for new phone.
12:50:  Quickly change into workout gear for my 8 mile run (I am training for Boston so it is a necessity).
2:00: Quickly change back into clothes.
2:30: First piano student arrives
7:00: Last piano student leaves
7:00: Make dinner
7:30: Family Home Evening starts (bribe children by reminding them that when holding FHE, treats will be served///they quickly comply).
8:00: Ignore dishes until tomorrow (or hope one of the kids will do them)
8:01: Hop in bed for my evening of mindless TV (I need to post about that...or maybe not)
9:00: Hop out of bed to tuck in little boys
9:01: Hop back in bed for my evening of mindless TV.
10:00: Hop out of bed to tuck in older boys (this just means I offer a back scratch and in return get a hug and some good conversation...sometimes.)
10:01 (notice the sometimes...most of the time, they mumble...goodnight mom) Hop back in bed for my evening of mindless TV.
11:00: Catch up with WWF.
11:30. Earplugs in, pillows (two) fluffed, block the little light on TV that is much too bright, and fall asleep within minutes.

And so the next day brings much of the same. I constantly go nonstop until 8 or 9 each night. And you know what... I love it. It reminds me when Matt and I went to the show, the Blue Man Group on our trip to Vegas (BTW...we thought it was kind of dumb for us but would have been perfect for our 12 year old sons). At the very end of the show, streams and streams of toilet paper-like material falls from the back of the auditorium. It is then dragged over the entire audience. This tangled mess continues to flow over everyone for what seems like an eternity. There was so much paper surrounding each of us but instead of brought uncontrollable laughter. I had tears streaming down my face as the non-stop paper passed its way up and over and around Matt and I.

It really was the best part of the show...that Tangled Enjoyable Mess.

And such is my life...the best part truly is the Tangled Enjoyable Mess.

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Ali F. said...

I teach piano and substitute teach 2!!!! miss you! I need your address to keep in touch at least at x'mas!