Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enjoy the View

Calvin and I headed to Wisp for the day, joining three other families for a day of skiing fun!  I have come to realize with my children, when I join them in the activities they love, the view is quite amazing.

Whether we are playing a game of Monopoly, a bike ride around the block, a walk in the forest, or skiing on top of a mountain...I can't beat the view. 

I tend to fall in the trap created by my busy life, whether it be the never ending cleaning list, weekend activites, etc, that can really impede my view.  And although these things must be done, sometimes they can wait just a bit, giving everyone a new view.

I easily forget that my children are actually little adults.  Through them, a mundane day, can turn into quite the adventure, creating wondeful memories for all of us!

When our friends mentioned their trip to Wisp, (a 3 hour drive away), Calvin immediately begged me to take him.  Since Garth had to work, I was the chosen parent.  As much as I wanted to hang with Calvin...and all of our dear friends...I wasn't thrilled about the time and money associated with a day of driving and skiing. 

Last minute, I decided to ignore the adult "thinking" and simply take advantage of this opportunity to be with Calvin for the day.

And I am so glad I did.  It was a blast hanging with my little "mini me," who loves go, go, going. We had great converstation (usually I only get a grunt), a gorgeous day  and a view set into my memory I can't beat!

Thanks Calvin (Hunter and Hansen Families too) for helping me enjoy the view!

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