Friday, February 3, 2012


I believe in miracles but I don't really believe in "magic." I you?!

David Copperfield would like to make us believe he can actually place a hanging car from his stage without us seeing him do so.  He would also lead us to believe he can make a group of 20 audience members disappear from a sealed box (and David C also wants us to believe that he is still 40 years old as seen in this giant poster taken 20 years ago)

And getting to meet David Copperfield backstage doesn't happen magically either (that requires a brother who whispers, "Follow me and keep your mouth shut").

Casinos in Las Vegas try to make you believe that everyone is a winner. The belief that the bright lights, free drinks, and "happy" people will magically make you an instant simply not true.

Sometimes though, you may get "lucky" on your first ever gambling experience and win $200!

Thinking I won't gain 10 pounds when I may or may not eat an entire loaf of cinnamon bread from Great Harvest Bread (I don't know what I am talking about), Chipotle every other day (still don't know what I am referring to) or one of my chocolate bars from my secret stash each night (nope, no idea...) is complete hogwash. Pants will eventually get tight, fat will begin to form around the mid-section...even though I may believe that "overnight" I gained 10 pounds...not true...the weight gain happened over 6 nights.

So, truth is, I totally believe in miracles.  They come (we drove 20 some miles on an empty tank with the light on in the middle of nowhere....making it to Nephi, UT just in time).  But the only way "magic" happens is through our own hard work (or avoiding the many buffets...oh how I love Creme Brule), a little luck, and of course David Copperfield.

See..Vegas can really teach some great life lessons.

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