Tuesday, April 3, 2012



I admit it, I am bored. 

I feel like one of my children, when surrounded by toys, friends and the great outdoors, they come up to me and tell me they are bored. I am shocked when they make this "boredom" declaration.  How can they be bored?!

Well, I understand now.  I just finished teaching piano lessons (I have a few more this afternoon), I have cleaned the house (of course I could do some more cleaning...no thanks), I can't run yet since I have to take the boys to the orthodontist in thirty minutes, I could read (but then I would be interrupted with that doctor appointment).

And I have a whole spring break week of this!  No plans, no extra money to spend, no where to go, no one to see...just my kids mingled with the neighborhood kids...going in...going out...all day!

I told each of the boys (Sommer is at the beach with her friend), I would like to take them on a date this week...something fun!  I figured this would inspire some super exciting boredom killer ideas! Nope. The little ones came up with this idea (which I quickly rejected):

"Mom, I want you to take me to The Game Stop and buy me a video game."

My translation of this statement:

"Mom, I want you to spend $60, money you don't have, to purchase me a game I will play non stop (with every neighborhood boy) for two days. I will then get sick of the game, leave it out, it will become scratched and will never be played again."

I was thinking they would come up with something like, a lovely hike, followed by lunch, maybe a trip to the local ice cream store...

They aren't interested.

So I have planned something fun for myself tomorrow with my friend Ginger.  She owns horses and has offered to give me lessons!  As a child, I used to beg my parents to take me horse back riding.  And tomorrow, I will make that happen.  And who knows, later in the week, I may invite one of my children to join me (unless I find out I don't like horses and they don't like me). 

I have come to realize that if you want to make life exciting, you have to take charge and make it exciting.  If you wait around, declaring your boredom to others, nothing will change.

Off to make my week exciting...I will keep you posted!

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