Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Boston Running Outfit...HELP ME DECIDE!

The Boston Marathon is in less than two weeks...11 days to be exact!

I need some help picking out my running outfit for the Boston Marathon.  Two items I must wear, the pink shirt (on the back it says, "I run for...Survivors!" Three of my friends running with me are just that...SURVIVORS of both breast and brain cancer!) and the obnoxious yellow shoes.  I have three choices. Let me share a little about each one:

1. Number one is a lovely pair of black capris matched with striped black and white arm sleeves.

 2. This outfit boasts a blue running skirt with a yellow Nike Swoosh. A yellow shirt ties the bright shoes to the outfit bringing all colors together in a bright statement, "Here I come!"

3.  This outfit includes arm sleeves with bright butterflies and adds a blue and white striped patterned skirt with a pink band.

I am also in love with these two skirts:

black paisley running skirt


heartstooth running skirt

Both would be totally cute with the pink shirt and yellow shoes!!

I can mix and I can match!  Any suggestions, ideas or votes?! It also depends on the Boston's weather the day of the race. My last three races have been tank and short temps (with arm sleeves and light gloves). But you NEVER know with could be snowing (oh please no!).

What do YOU think?! bum still hurts (haven't tried running yet)!

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Tiffanie said...

I realize I am a day late and one broken sacrum short, but if you do get to run Boston or if you are forced to save your awesome "Run Heather" shirt for next year, my vote is
-paisley skirt (that you may not yet own)
-if arm warmers are necessary, butterfly sleeves