Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dime

Yesterday, while I was picking up my xrays, I noticed a table in the lobby with home baked goods displayed.  As I was walking out, a young woman at the table quietly said, "Do you want to donate to the March of Dimes?"  I was in a hurry and didn't have time to stop.  A few steps out the door, I replayed in my mind what she actually had said, "Do you want to donate a DIME to the March of Dimes?"

Still in a hurry, I didn't take the few seconds to turn around and donate. I had felt it was too late, almost embarrassing to turn around and say, "Dime?  That is all you need? Well,  I have one or two of those."

I let my feelings go and quickly got into my car and drove to my next stop, the high school.  I mean, don't we all donate to so many worthy causes. I simply can't donate to everyone, everytime, can I?

Into the school I went, forgetting about the earlier thoughts, moving on to my next appointment.  I ran into a friend in the lobby of the school and we began chatting.  As we walked out of the school together, stepping off the sidewalk, onto the curb, I saw something on the pavement, a dime.  One small dime, lay there on the ground.

I stopped to pick it up.  My mind quickly racing back to the young girl sitting at the table, raising money for such a wonderful cause.  Was she born premature? Did she know someone close to her heart that was suffering?  Why didn't I take the time to give?  Whether I gave one simple dime, or many more, it didn't matter.  What mattered was that I was willing to give and actually gave.

The day moved by even quicker, rushing to my doctor appointment, hustling back for my piano students and welcoming my own five children home from their day at school.  After the last student left, I walked into my kitchen to begin preparing dinner and there on an entirely clean counter (that is a miracle in itself), I saw a lone dime, sitting there, reminding me once again about giving.

Today I made a special trip back to the hospital lobby where I saw that little display of goodies and that young lady, raising money for a cause so dear...and donated. 

I kept the two dimes as a constant reminder of the need for all of us to give...

If you would like to give, here are causes close to my heart:

NBIA Disorders

In honor of Brittany Leap (I ran Boston for her last year, raising over $5000!)

Send a check to
Sandy and Rich Leap
14852 Ashby Oak Ct. Haymarket, VA 20169 (Brittany's Mother and Father).

In honor of BethAnn Telford

Team BT (my dear super hero friend BethAnn...a survivor...who will be running her third Boston)
Raising money for the National Brain Tumor Society

Click here to donate

In honor of Vanessa Spiller (who is a breast cancer survivor and is running her first Boston)

Life with Cancer

Click here to donate

Vanessa Spiller

In honor of Linda Tennille (a breast cancer survivor and running her 2nd Boston)

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Click here to donate

It is always good to give.

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Sandy Leap said...

Thank you Heather for being so giving, especially of your time. Love, Sandy