Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make it a Great Week or Not. The Choice is Yours!

 (Garth taking a leap into a perfectly great day in Hawaii in 2011)

I have had some truly bad days in my life but in reality, I have simply had more bad moments in a perfectly good day.

We are each given the same sun that rises, bringing light to our day.  Not one of us worries as evening turns to night if the sun will rise...for we know with a surety that indeed it will be back, day after day, month after month, year after year.  A perfectly bright new day is given to you and to me.

As each of us travel along our various paths, we will encounter dark patches, frustration, even darkness that can easily seem as though our "sun" has set early on our day.  It is easy to allow these bad moments to trick us into believing life is "bad."

How I love the popular T-shirts, "Life is Good."  I remember when I first spotted them years ago at some store I can't recall.  I quickly purchased one for Garth and it didn't take long before we both had a  collection of hats, shirts and other various items depicting a stick figure doing simple everyday things with the words, "Life is Good."

It isn't difficult to stop for a moment and reflect upon the blessings in one's life.  Even in the midst of a bad moment, one bad enough, with power to turn a perfectly good day into something bad, can be halted, if we stop and take the time to remember that "Life truly is Good."

We each have the power within ourselves to chose how we will feel, react and live when we are given difficulty.

Each morning at Bull Run Middle school after the morning announcements, this is said, "Make it a good day or not.  The choice is yours."

I love that.  It is up to me to take the bad moments in my day that may darken the sun that rose earlier, and keep it shining down.

Tonight, and every night, why not take the bad moments of the day and let them go down with the sun? And as it rises once again in the morning, begin anew, with the resolve to remember the good. Do all in your power to have it conquer the bad moments that surely will come and keep the shine in your soul.

The rain will fall.  But the sun is still shining. You just can't see it.  And although a bit dark and dreary does the day become, we know the grass will be greener tomorrow.

"Make it a GREAT week or not. The choice is YOURS!"

I am going running tomorrow!

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