Monday, April 23, 2012

The Way I Have Lost Weight

(after piano lessons, I will find a few pictures to post!)

Like many of you, I am not naturally thin. I have to work on staying my current weight.  I remember reading somewhere, years ago, that in order to maintain a certain weight (after losing), you need to stay that weight for at least 3 months. After that time, it becomes easier to maintain.

Through the years, I have indeed gained weight while serving an 18 month Mormon Mission in Denmark (think chocolate, pastry and people that loved to feed us), being pregnant with 5 children, enjoying eating out way too much and getting older.  I have been up and I have been down.

I never like when someone says to me, "This is just the weight I am destined to hips have grown, I have tried and nothing works"...and although they try to sound okay with their current weight, I can tell they aren't happy with it.

I remember when my good friend Angie, shared a quote with me, "Food never tastes as good as skinny feels."  It is true. There is nothing better than feeling fit and fitting your jeans.

After having my last baby and getting the final pounds off, I committed to stay that weight.  I gave all of my bigger clothes away and was aware when I started creeping up the scale and did something about it. I didn't have to weigh myself daily...I simply knew when my jeans were getting a bit tight, it was time to make a change.  I then took charge of the situation by exercising a little longer and eating a little less.  It really doesn't take long to drop a few pounds. In fact, it is just as easy to lose a couple of pounds as it is to just might not be as fun!

Over the years, I have dabbled in many of the "fad" diets.  And although, I may have lost a few quick pounds, I have never ever kept it off.  Instead, I came up with my own "diet" plans and they worked for me.

I thought I would share my top three plans that have helped me lose weight through the years.

Each of my plans require the following:

First, tell someone you are changing your eating/exercise habits. Second, you must exercise!  And third, drink a ton of water!


After my third child was born, I gained a whopping 50 pounds! Yikes, I was fat.  Between baby, baby carrying innards and natural loss of weight, after 6 weeks I still had 20 pounds of pure chunk.  With three little ones under 5, I had little time to eat right and a lot of time to eat wrong! 

I decided that Monday-Friday, I would pick up a foot long turkey sub. I would eat half of it for lunch and leave the second half as my snack throughout the afternoon.  By dinner, I wasn't very hungry and was able to be satisfied with a light meal.

I pushed my double jogger with two kids and my 5 year old would ride her bike along side us.

It didn't take long to #1 get sick of Subway and to lose weight!


This diet is completely explained in the title, "Eat when you are hungry."  Monday-Friday, I would not eat until I actually felt hungry.  It was great if I could delay my meals a few hours each day in order to make it through without too much snacking.  This way of eating made me aware of my eating habits and ability to listen to my body...when I was actually hungry and when I simply "thought" I was hungry.

I always had a big glass of water before I ate too! 

At this point, I had two children that could ride their bikes and I only had to push one in the single jogger (must easier). 


After baby number 4, I had a friend share with me she had signed up for a marathon.  I had always been a runner but had never thought I was marathon material.  With a baby 3 months old and a desire to run more and weigh less, I signed up! 

This diet rocked!  I could eat pretty much what I wanted and still lost weight!  It required a willing husband to help with the four children so I could run and run and run.  Not only did I lose weight, I enjoyed the small amount of  free time I had away from "little kid chaos.

All three of these "diets" taught be portion control, will power and determination.  I not only lost weight, I gained a love of marathoning!

Notice that I usually ate good Monday-Friday. I allowed myself to have a little fun on the weekends! 

Since trying out my little diet ideas, I have maintained the same weight for 8 years.  It has really worked!  And I love the fact my level of frustration with my weight is not an issue (because I surely have plenty of other issues I have to worry about)!

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