Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thank You...again

Yesterday my husband went in for his umpteenth surgery in hopes of finally "fixing" what we like to refer to as a botched attempt at repairing a hernia (this hernia was caused by another surgery he had two years ago in an attempt to fix a small intestine problem which would require a week long hospital stay a few times a year).

After switching doctors, we finally found Dr. Suh, a plastic surgeon, who was ready to fix his stomach and everything else that had been oozing for the past year (YES!  A year!).  Another doctor was called into replaced every infected suture from his previous operation in October as well as fix three different new hernias!


So what I thought was going to be a hour long surgery, ended up being a whopping four hour ordeal.  As I sat in the waiting room, I quickly realized I was going to have to orchestrate the rest of my day via my blessed smart phone.

Within minutes, I had piano lessons canceled and rescheduled, friends offering rides for my children and dinner offers.  My in-laws stepped in, committing to help where needed.  Friends and family phoned to check on Garth and even me! 

There I sat, in that huge spacious and very crowded waiting room, alone, but not really.  I knew my family was taken care of and Garth was in good hands. 

We have high hopes he will be able to come home tomorrow from the hospital...with his new tummy....complete with pig skin and no belly button (he has already been called "pork belly")...well aint he special?!

Thank you.

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