Friday, March 30, 2012

What is Joy?

I purchased a itzy bitzy notebook while working at Nordstrom some 25 years ago.  I took its first blank page and wrote the words, "What is Joy?" It was that day, I began assembling the little things in life that brought me joy.  Over the next few years, people crossed my path and I asked them to take my book and write down the things that brought them joy.

It didn't take long to fill its pages (no bigger than a matchbox).  And it didn't take long to realize the that true joy comes from the simple things...more importantly, true joy comes from recognizing those things.

Here are a few of the thoughts written from my book, "What is Joy?"

The Sun
Stars...recognizing the Big Dipper
A Gentle Breeze
Love in Eyes
Holding His Hand
Being Silly
Running on a Desolate Road
Hiking to a Peak and Pondering
Being Alone
Being with the One You Love
Reading a Good Book
A Movie Taking You Away
Eating a Huge Hot Fudge Sundae
Feeling God's Love
Sharing God's Love
Hearing the Rain Fall
Sound of Waves
Signs of Spring
Letters From Mom
Prayers that Last All Night
Warm Cookies and Milk
A Brand New Box of Crayons
Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day
Upside Down Stamps
Second Hand Stores
Soul mates
Sitting Alone in the Dark
Seeing the Moon in the Daylight
Mary and Joseph
Talking to a Plant
Knowing Your Father in Heaven is Pleased With Me
Helping Someone
Having a Choice
Zapping a Zinger
Feeling the Wheels Grinding in Your Head
Having the Rain Collect on the Windshield and then Having the Wipers Clear It
Scratching Where it Itches
Bleached out Hair
Rolling a Rolo to a Friend
Braided Hair
Old Couples in Love
The Toy in a Cracker Jack Box
All Things that Denote There is a God
Clouds That Form Things
Not Being Afraid

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