Friday, April 20, 2012

Boston Fun

As you read a few days ago, the actual running portion of my Boston trip was absolutely wonderful.  But even more fun was had the days before and after the BIG race. 

While sitting awaiting my flight for Boston, I looked up to see my good ol' friend Frank standing above me.  What a thrill to catch up with him on our flight up to the race.  Parting ways at the airport, we planned a stop, the following morning, at the traditional breakfast of champions, The Paramount. I am a complete fan of their blueberry pancakes (and I don't even like pancakes) and it is an absolute must eat breakfast each time we go to Boston (look at that line to get in)! It was such fun to be with both Frank and his daughter, Katie.

I enjoyed my morning run as I followed my GPS in search of the restaurant from my hotel by the Wharf.  Following the yummy breakfast, I made my way back...up...Beacon Hill to my hotel.  It was finally late enough for the single ladies of our hotel room, Lauren and JenN to awake (in my opinion) and I flung open the drapes upon entering the room (come was 10!).  They were less than thrilled with my actions but we did have an appointment with everyone at the Expo and they complied and got up.

We began our walk through town and enjoyed some of the wonderful sights of Boston:

After our casual stroll, we met up (a little late) with our group of friends.

And then we all headed into the famous Boston Marathon Expo (packed) where we picked up plenty of goodies to help us remember the big race.

Later that night, I was craving Boloco (a Mexican Restuarant) and was forced to take a taxi into the city to find one.  As I was making my way to the restuarant, I was chatting on the phone with Linda when I came across the finish line...believe it or not...there was Linda, chatting with me.

We took a quick picture and then Greg, Linda and I walked back to our hotels, enjoying the evening (and I of course did have my burrito).

Later that night, JenN and I were in dire need of a treat, which took us to Funeuil Hall.  It was there we found the perfectly overpriced cream.  We took some time to watch the street performers, enjoy the shops and simply hang out.

The day after the race, everyone left quite early.  I had planned on spending the day with one of my BYU buddies, Sara!  We hadn't seen each other for some 20 years (except for a few brief hugs at mile 3 each year where she cheered us on).

We spent the lovely afternoon together with her four darling children in Boston Commons.  There we rode the swan boats, had lunch and watched the children play in the park.  We both commented on how neither of us had done too much changing...maybe a few wrinkles...but the same old college girls.

It truly was a fantastically fun trip! 

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