Monday, April 9, 2012

Down with Downton Abbey

I am truly surprised at how much pain this sacrum break is causing me.  Not only has it been a physical pain (a constant dull ache) but quite some mental anguish as well. 

On Saturday I had me a little pity party, complete with plenty chocolate, a trip to Cafe Rio, followed by even more chocolate!  One moment I was fine with the idea of not running Boston (or running at all for that matter) and taking on the role of being a cheerleader for my dear friends but then my mind would wander back to the dark side and I realized I wouldn't be a running the coveted race.

Sunday I was able to attend the first hour of church before the pain of sitting was too much.  I realized I may need to get me a "donut" per the doctor's request but somehow that seemed a bit, can I say, ridiculous. It is almost as silly as one of those cones dogs have to wear. But as crazy as it may be, I am thinking its purpose of relieving stress and alleviating pain will rule out my pride. Will I really need to carry it around with me from place to place?  Let's hope not.

After leaving church early, I came home, wanting to start up another pity party for myself.  Lying in bed for awhile, thinking over (yet again) my inability to run, I realized it was time to STOP.

I thought, "I have been stopped. It is what it is. Why not take this time to smell me some roses!?" 

It was time to stop, moping around and feeling sorry for myself.  I mean seriously, it is not like I won't or can't run again! 

It was time to let one of the other 6 people in our home, cook, clean-up, help out...

It was time to finally watch the show...Downton Abbey!  That is a rose I have been dying to see, touch and smell!

And boy howdy did we ever watch it!  Sommer and I grabbed our pillows and snuggly blankets and hunkered down for an afternoon (make that afternoon and evening) Downton Abbey Marathon!

We absolutely loved every minute of it!  My mind was whisked away to another time, where characters let you forget your woes, in fact, their problems become yours. We laughed, we were shocked, we cheered, we booed...


Life has brought me snag, but snag is all it is! I have no plans on pulling at it or making it a bigger problem.  I will simply snip it off and get on with it (not saying I won't have another pity party or two). 

Now one to season 2...a place I am totally down with.


Cherilyn said...

Just caught up on your blog. I'm soooo very sorry about your break. How terrible! I hope you will feel pain relief and heal quickly. Is Boston on option next year when you have a doctors note about the break? Maybe they will grandfather you in. Silly question but hey, just wondering! I have friends who love Downtown Abby - I guess I better check it out! Wishing you the best!

Judy Havrilla said...

Well, Tim was over at the Georgia's over the weekend, he heard from Jenny and then he told me...I read your post about riding the horse before Drew and I left for Ohio, and I just CANNOT BELIEVE this has happened. So sorry. Ugh.