Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Keep Swimming....

I was in the pool today doing what I dislike to do...yep, swimming. 

I mean, who really wants to done a swimsuit, put on a really funny looking swim cap, and to further the stylish look, throw on some goggles (which are goofy enough while swimming... but do I need the ugly rings they leave under my eyes hours afterward too?!).

Not me. 

And then, there is the whole workout part.  After jumping into the frigid waters (at least it feels that way), I actually have to start swimming.  There is nothing to see except mysterious unknown "thangs" floating around the bottom of the pool. There is nothing to hear except my own heavy breathing waiting desperately for me to to take another breath (oh yea, and the lady with the shrill voice leading the aerobics class...gee whiz..."shush it a little," woman).  There is nothing to do except swim down and back and then down and back again...followed by more down and more back.  There is  no one to talk to either.  I mean, you aren't working out if you are talking.

The time moves slower when I am swimming. After what seems like at least a 45 minute workout, I check the clock, only to find out 5 minutes have passed!  Seriously?! 

Today during my workout, thoughts of the Boston Marathon kept creeping into my mind, almost teasing me.  It wandered me back to the memories of races gone by, races I have loved.  Could I actually have a chance to run?  What will the doctor say?  Will he demand bed rest?  Little activity?  Or will he tell me all is well?  Will he say there is no danger?  Do I pack my running shoes or do I pack my pom poms?!

The words that kept coming to my mind, over and over again, today in the water were from the sweet movie, "Finding Nemo." Remember Dory?  Oh yes, the optimistic, Dory, who during a difficult time in her new friend's little fishy life, reminded him to keep a positive attitude.  Her words were clear, telling him, to never give up, repeating the words, "Just keep swimming." And although he may have seemed "grumpy" with her sentiment, in the end, we know the outcome.  He never gave up...and he found his son,Nemo.

I thought of those simple words, "Just keep swimming," as I was bored to death in the water. And it kept me swimming, enabling me to finish my entire workout.  I thought of those words, last week, moments after I fell off that blasted horse, dashing my marathon plans, telling myself, "Just keep positive."  I thought of those words, while laying in bed with an ice pack lodged strategically on my broken behind, wondering how long this little hiccup in life would continue.  And I repeated in my mind, "Just keep hopeful."  I thought of those words, moments before I entered my doctor's office today, Xrays in hand, not knowing what his advice would be for healing.  And I said, "Just keep believing."

In all of our lives, we will find ourselves stopped in our tracks. Our plans changed without our permission and without warning.  We will only have power over one thing.

Our choice to...

...just keep swimming.

I will keep swimming. I will keep being positive. I will keep being hopeful. I will keep believing.

And if I am able to run Boston, I will.  If I cannot, I will...

...just keep swimming.

The doctor told me today my broken sacrum was fine and not in any harm of further damage.  If I chose to run, it may hurt like the dickens, but it would not "break further" or cause any harm to my back.  With that said, my plan is to take along my running shoes. On Sunday, I will take a little jog and see if I have any pain. If I am pain free, I will run the race on Monday...full of gratitude.

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Judy Havrilla said...

Yay, Heather! I love "Just keep swimming." I think of it often, too.