Sunday, January 1, 2012

How About a Huggle?

I have two hugglers left.

The older three think I am weird.

I will enjoy this opportunity with Tate and Ashton while I have them under my spell...and huggle away.

...or I can use my "bribe" technique when I really want my 14 year old son to give me a good huggle

Oh, I am sorry, you are probably wondering what in the world a huggle is...

A huggle means I get a nice loooonnng hug.  At the moment when one feels the normal hug time is must linger a little longer, ending with a final squeeze.  And for good measure I usually give a good cheek kiss too (then you are experiencing a kuggle...even better)!

That's a Huggle!

Now here is the secret to making this work:

When Calvin wants to hang out with a friend or get a ride somewhere, I say, "Sure, but I want a huggle first."  A 100% hug guarantee just like that (and I know deep down he loves it too)!

So for all of you who have little ones right now, clinging to you every moment of the day...soak it up (and no worries, you can still have "me" time after you put them to bed).

 ...because my big handsome 14 year old used to follow me around too the house when he was the dang cutest binky lovin' toddling toddler...and I really miss that little guy.

But I really love the man he is becoming too!

I think I need a huggle!


Lynette said...

So sweet! We actually have a similar word around our's a skuddle (?)! It means a squeeze/cuddle, when i cuddle and squeeze my kids while we lay on the couch...pretty nice! I don't know how much longer they'll do it, so i'll enjoy it while i can!

Mom N said...

I'd like a huggled right now!!!!