Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Night...

Dear Erin,

Last night when I received your text letting me know your husband had taken a turn for the worse, I immediately drove to you.  I was so grateful your close friends were invited to come see both you and your sweetheart Jeff.

How incredibly strong you have been during this battle...for it has been a wicked fight...for both Jeff AND you.  Standing so firm, your strength has been felt by so many, for they have leaned on you as their son, brother, father, and friend has suffered so much.

I remember you sharing with me, a few years ago when we were running together, before the cancer was found, how you loved Jeff, so very much. You told me he was your soul mate and how you looked forward to many happy years together.  Who knew that it would be taken away with you both so young.  Remember that you and Jeff are still made for each other.  You and he are just going to have to wait to be together again for a while.

I will always remember seeing you last night by his side with your sweet hand on his fevered head, whispering to him...I know he could hear you...he wasn't sleeping...just like his dad told you.  Jeff knew you were there.

And he will always be there with you and little Carter (as will your family and friends). 

(Erin is in the blue cap and jacket)
Love you,


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