Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deep Breath...

Take a deep (slowly) and out.  Maybe one more.  No make that two more (wait stop, now I am light headed).

Okay. I think am now ready to tackle the second half of this day...are you?

Tonight is Jeff's memorial service. 

Many of you have asked if donations can be made for Erin and her 11 month old son, Carter. The Arlington police department  has organized a college fund for Carter in Jeff's honor.  If you are interested in making a donation,you can make checks payable to Erin McMichael and in the memo section at the bottom of the checks you can add "College Wealth 529 for Carter J. McMichael".  She will deposit the checks into this fund set aside for Carter. This would be a huge help to Erin to help make the burden of college feel a bit lighter.

They can be sent to:

Erin McMichael
6060 Clay Spur Ct.
Centreville, Va.  20121

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