Monday, January 23, 2012

The Hiding Place(s)

If you are like me, you have children who will eat an entire family size bag of Doritos, Costco size box of Fruit Roll-ups, box of Popsicles, 12 pack of soda, one day.  Don't judge me yet, for I am well aware these items may cause childhood obesity or isn't like I have them on hand every day of  EVERY week. 

I actually do my best to provide non-exciting snacks such as pretzels (they usually last long enough to actually become stale), popcorn (it has to be the "light" variety or it's a goner in one day) and other boring snack items (anyone interested in banana kids hate 'em) for most of their snacking needs. 

But as you know, I am a BIG couponer and it is like way too easy to get FREE "bad" food.  I mean, if it's going to be free...I say, "Why not?"  The kids love me a little extra that day...and I have to admit, I actually like "bad" food too.  Just the other day, my trainer offered me a piece of chocolate (yeah, only 1 piece...totally lame) but instead of the milky variety he scammed me into eating one that boasted 86% cacao...BLECK!  I am a total fan of MILK in my 100%.  Who wants nasty tasting chocolate? I would rather eat a juicy apple if I am going for "nutrition. However, I will not only eat milk chocolate, I have also been known to be a huge fan of chips and guacamole, Swedish fish and pretty much a ton of other "bad" foods I don't care to mention right now.

Now, don't start freaking out yet...I also LOVE healthy food...AND I DO EAT IT!  I just like the unhealthy stuff too.  I do understand that I should only partake in these deliciously bad foods only once a day (sometimes twice...okay...on challenging days I may sneak into my closet and eat an entire box of chocolates).  And luckily I have the willpower to do so (especially when my jeans are feeling a bit tight).

This finally leads to my explanation of my blog title, "The Hiding Place(s)".

While I have the ability to not eat an entire bag of Doritos (or any other naughty food in its entirety), my children do not.  And while I may (or may not...I will not say) partake of one chocolate bar each evening, I will have also eaten a variety of fruits, vegetables, etc throughout the day. So in order to keep proper proportions under control for my junk food craving children, I am forced to hide the more tempting treats.

When I first started "the hiding place," I figured the items were safe and secure.  But little did I know, my kids were like bloodhounds when it came to finding junk food.

The first spot, my closet (behind a bunch of clothes), was discovered within two weeks. 
The second spot, in the kitchen, in a random cupboard that houses stationary and light bulbs, was detected in less than a week.  And from there, the children knew, that somewhere in our house was a "buried treasure." They seemed to "sniff" out the treasure each time I came up with a hiding place.

This week, the "good"s are in the back of my car (take that children).  Safe and secure!

And I already have my plan for next week. This brilliant idea comes from my neighbor, Cindy...stored safe and sound in the bottom oven.  I think that might just be the best spot yet. I just have to be sure I don't forget about the "treasure" and burn the house down.

You may be thinking, why doesn't she just tell the kids to keep their grimy mitts off the junk?  Some may be thinking, "why is she even buying this stuff?"  Well...I have and I should. I HAVE told them (and they must be like me and "need" a little pick me up) to please ask before they partake.  And I SHOULD maybe not bring the temptation in...but every once in awhile it makes for a little bit of fun!

So if you are like me and you have a hiding spot for your treats, will you let me know where yours is...I am running out of ideas!?

And if this post disagrees with you...I have a bag or two of banana chips just for you.

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Cherilyn said...

Heather - when I return from Peru I'll bring what true chocolate should taste like! I'm a lover of dark chocolate now and prefer it over milk chocolate. I am satisfied with only a small portion instead of the whole bar! Seriously - this stuff here is great and I'll only force about 60% cocoa on ya!