Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Didn't Cry Over Spilt Milk Today!

I almost cried over the spilt milk today...but I didn't. Even after seeing the entire gallon of milk spilled (and down the front of the fridge) on my garage floor, I didn't cry. 

I didn't even shed one tear when I almost stepped in my dog's doodle-lee-bop a few hours later (that's what I call a number two around here) he left TWICE on my upstairs carpet...and fyi it wasn't in the easier to clean, "log form."

And yesterday, when Ashton came in my office to see if I would help him tie his shoe and proceeded to sit on and break my $250 RayBan sunglasses...I watched HIM shed tears while I kept my eyes dry and my countenance calm. I was actually more upset my genius 7 year old can't figure out how to tie his own shoes.

Maybe I have finally grown up when it comes to minor incidents around here (at least this week). I'll admit, there have plenty of days "I lost it" when certain children have broken pens in half, spraying black ink on my white carpet and walls. Or I found an entire bottle of honey poured out in the top of the cabinet (and had been there for months before I found it).  I will always remember the SUPER SIZE bottle of Downy that fell over in the back of my car driving home from a Costco trip (the stain remains to this day as well as the fresh scent)...try cleaning that up!

Kids spill milk, they also break things, dogs chew up your favorite running socks (seriously why are they always my good socks), stains are made, and on and on the list goes...

I have been told that they make for some pretty good memories one day. Promises have been made by the older generations that one day I will long for the days of boogers stuck to the walls like glue (is that TMI?), tripping on backpacks placed exactly BELOW their hooks, twisting my ankle on shoes left out, trying to scrape off Fruity Pebbles from unrinsed cereal bowls, unflushed toilets, peed on toilets...not peed in (and walls, and floors and...), piles of legos, hot wheels, once folded clothes now strewn wildly about in a heap, piles of unmatched socks that no one seems to match, missing candy from my secret (obviously need to hide it better) stash, my good running socks used by all sons (because they are matched and put in my drawer), my ipod missing (again, because it is always put away), the screeches that come from siblings teasing each other (just heard one)....

(two of my children in the process of making me some memories)

Thinking about all of the fond memories that I have already had AND THOSE TO COME are bringing tears to my eyes...oh, that is just a little dust floating up from my dust covered desk that I can't seem to find the time or one of the other 6 people living here to wipe clean...memories, oh memories.

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