Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am a you know.

Okay. Today is going to be a "Whine Wednesday."  I have to be honest with myself, I am a whiner.  Let's not confuse "whiner" with "winer"...I don't drink..although I realize neither are great titles.

I like to whine.  It makes me feel better.  As you know, I am not one that stays in a rut so the whining really works for me.  I whine for a bit and then get on with my day.  It is normal to have a bad day...I just try not to string too many in a row.

So here  I go with my whines:

How long will the mold remain on my tiles?
My handle on my beloved soaking tub is broken again (the cold one works).
Can't towels be used more than once? And why are they all over the floor in MY bathroom?
Bills (enough said).
Why are my pants tight again (don't answer that)?!
Will they ever eat any vegetables?!
Is the garage ever going to be clean?
Is the basement always going to be a disaster?
Did I just see the dog "choo-choo" across my bedroom carpet and leave a stain!?
Sometimes it would be easier to NOT have to clip a coupon.
Can someone besides me empty the overflowing garbage?
Can someone besides me change the toilet paper roll?
No one seems to want a huggle around here!
Sure wish my car's heat worked.
Where is my Ipod!
Saturday's church basketball game was not the best idea...pulled glute still hurts.

Okay. I got my whines out.  I feel much better now.  And just so you know, I realize that not one of those items listed are really that important (except for maybe the huggle)...

And for those friends of mine who truly have the right to whine and never seem to, I love you.

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