Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

After a couple of flurries randomly sprinkled themselves through the month of December, yesterday Haymarket had a truly delightful day of snow.  It started around lunch time, the big fluffy flakes falling beautifully down from the sky. 

I never thought it would stick.  I had just heard the weatherman tell us that we may have a flake or two in the afternoon but it would only make for a few wet roads.  Oh how I wanted it to stick!  I knew my children were gazing out their windows at school just hoping for a snowy welcome...an afternoon of complete bliss!

But it kept snowing. And snowing.  During my first piano lesson at 2:30, the flakes began covering the dirt in the garden.  By 3:00, snow was sticking to the grass.  By 3:15, the grass was covered.  At 3:30, the streets had a white sheen.  And by 4:00, when the bus arrived, joyous voices of little children were heard. 

Moments later, my children hustled into the house searching for mittens, hats and boots. It wasn't long until the small amount of snow in our yard had been used for sledding, snowman building, snowball throwing and angels.

Just as I was finishing my last piano student, the snowfall came to an end, chilled children came running into the house with red noses and cold fingers ready for hot chocolate and stories to share.

What  fun to witness the entire process from beginning to end sitting at my piano, looking out at the happiness.

 The complete joy that was created from one flake of snow, then another,  made for an entire day of winter wonderland happiness.

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