Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shattered (only because she didn't listen to her mother)

Just so you know, you should listen to your mother. 

My two older children, make that three oldest (I was just informed by him that my idea of "pants" instead of "shorts" on a cold morning was dumb) are currently at the stage of teenagedom where they truly believe their mother is a big ol' dummy.  I have tried to explain to them how incredibly brilliant I truly am...but it is not working.  Even after you read this true story, which happened only a few days ago, you will be shocked to find out that my children still don't accept me, their mother, as one who is absolutely right about everything. 

Here is the story, "Shattered, Only Because She Didn't Listen To Her Mother"

(great title eh?!)

It was getting late. It seemed everyday was like that, too late to get everything done.  By the time, piano lessons were over, basketball practice was complete, dinner, was always too late.  And tonight was no exception, it was too late to run to Best Buy to find a protective cover for Sommer's new iPod touch. 

So I offered amazing motherly advice to my darling daughter, who was thrilled with her newest joy, and understandable hard to part with, iPod touch.  I told her to please leave it home for the day.  I would then go over to Best Buy and purchase a lovely and most protective cover for both the iPod and its beautiful screen.  I have come to understand that electronic devices to teenagers are like infants to their parents...they rarely want to part with them.

My daughter then replied, "NO WAY!"  She explained there was absolutely no way she could be without her iTouch. 

Friday came and went.

Then it was Saturday.  Another crazy busy day at the Porter home.  Sommer was off to her basketball game with dad and I was planning on meeting them there a little later.  It was that morning I offered to once again take the "device" and run to the store to find a case.  "Oh no, Mom. That would never work. I cannot leave behind my dear baby (I am referring to the Itouch of course)...even for an hour."

Fast forward one hour.

I enter the gym.  I see daughter sitting slumped on the floor. Her peers surrounding her, comforting her as tears stream down her face. I quickly go to her to see what could possibly have happened.  And then the news...

Shattered.  She had dropped the Ipod, the screen had shattered.

Being the horrible mother that I am , I gave her "the look." It was the "I told you so" kind of look. The look that says everything..."mom's know everything" kind of look.  I could have dropped down to her aid and took over the back rubbing that her teenage friend was currently giving (and this friend obviously understood the pain of losing a dear electronic device) but I didn't.

I was a bit "put out" if I must be honest.  I was a little offended that once again, my teenager didn't listen to my wise council.

But I did what any loving mother would do (minus the back rubbing)...I took her iTouch and tossed it in the I am kidding (although that would have been rather fun).

Instead I decided to prove my awesomeness once and for all!

I called the Apple store, got an appointment at the Genius desk.  This meant my Saturday was shot but remember, I was on a show all teenagers that mothers ROCK (and can fix shattered dreams).

After waiting (and praying) for my turn to share my sad tale of a broken apple device, I was greeted by Andy.  I told him my tale of woe. He listened. I used my "talent of talk" and did my best to build a quick relationship with this young man.  After sharing our story (very similar to the one above) and finding out he knew one of my dear friends, compassion was given as a brand new iTouch was presented to me.

A daughter was elated (and a huggle was received).

(Sommer and her "right" mother)

And another mother's advice in the world....was once again...proven right!

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Cherilyn said...

I'm taking you to the apple store next time we need something fixed! Oh ya, Cade's ipod screen won't light up anymore. Can I mail it to you! ha ha