Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wheelchairs Rock

So I am at Target yesterday with Sommer and realize that I can't "crutch" it around stores due to the intense pain in my arms/hands from the process. I then realize it might be a great excuse to finally try out one of those motorized wheelchairs the stores provide for their customers in "need."

Sommer was a bit leery of my decision (especially when I backed up and the contraption started beeping extremely loud to warn others) but in the end we had a great time zooming around Target...okay they don't really zoom...rather putz at top speeds of 2 mph. She did try to pretend I wasn't her mom a couple of times when she saw some of her friends but quickly had to claim me when I drove up to them with a big wave...I was lovin' this.

Today at Costco, Garth insisted I get another one so he could have a good laugh (I actually do "need" one since the crutches are way too painful for shopping trips). We went all around getting lots of looks (of admiration I think or sympathy) doing our birthday shopping for Ashton's big 4th birthday on Monday. We asked him what he wanted and he has told us two things: M&Ms and Starburst.

Later that day we had a quick stop at Walmart. Instead of taking one of the "slow" motorized wheelchairs, Garth thought it might be even more fun to just use a plain old wheel chair that he would push. He immediately started moving wildly through the store...packed with shoppers I might add. But admittedly, it was much more fun than the battery operated ones. He drove me into a few aisles of merchandise (on purpose? maybe...) but all in all, it was a thumbs up mode of transportation.

Since I can now drive with my left foot...check...and can get around stores with a wheelchair/basket...check...and I am getting a handicapped parking sticker Tuesday...things aren't looking so bad.

I just need to find a way to carry dishes to the sink, pick up, vacuum, etc while using crutches.


Kristen said...

Leave it to you Heather to have so much fun while you are "handicapped". It still stinks though.

Jean Allen said...

Hmmmm.... Maybe you can train Joey to carry things to you with a doggie backpack? Let me know if you need anything!

The Novakovichs said...

Hop. Your left leg will get really strong.

Trisha said...

Good excuse for not having to clean the house...but I'm sorry that you're stuck with crutches and wheelchairs to get you around. Sounds like a fun adventure in the store! Hope you get better soon!

Kris & Amy said...

LOL! I would love to see you zip around in one of the motorized wheelchairs! I can see it now...when you are 90+ and can't walk anymore you are going to create a race using those wheelchairs so you can still compete in something. And that is what I love about you. :) Miss you!!

amyburb said...

I feel for you Heather! When I sprained my ankle this summer I had to be on crutches--but only for a few days. The stairs were the worst, and hopping up and down them hurt my ankle, so I mostly tried to get my kids to wait on me. Hopefully you have more luck with that than I did!