Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beach Babes


All you really need:

Shelter and Clean Beachy Air (please note the clean part)...good Food (notice the cops in the background? They were watching Rosanna... more information about this later in the blog)...
Drink (water, diet dr. pepper, fresca and the ever needful, pina colatas)... And FRIENDS!

Do you want to be a beach babe?! Start planning now for our annual girl's only beach trip! It takes place the last weekend in July each year. If you want to join us in our fun, let me know.
Now on to the weekend's highlights:
It all started very early this year. In year's past, we have left around 9 am and arrived to the beach around 1. But this year, we decided it was time to get there earlier and get our partay started! We thought 7 am was a good time to take off. Our car (Rosanna, Dana, Mary and I) were on the road by 7:15. We called Car #2 (Anell, April, Monica, and Kaylene), to see where they were (we race each year) but they wanted to solidify a win and left at 6! This of course gave them a huge lead and impressed us all greatly...since there was no way we would have gotten up that early. We did try to make up some time and gain on them but this led to an encounter with the law...(and it seemed from thereafter that we kept "running into the law" the entire trip) and inspired us to use cruise control the rest of the way there.
The weather was perfect this year....super hot and super sunny. This led to many dips in the ocean where the shallow depth allowed us to walk out quite far without fears of huge waves crashing on our lovely hair dos. We enjoyed the large amount of dolphin sightings, schools of fish, and crab. We didn't enjoy our first encounter with jellyfish though...when Rosanna and I were comfortably chatting away in the calm ocean, we noticed what seemed to be a chocolate muffin wrapper. Upon closer inspection, we both screamed and high tailed it out of the area, when we realized it was actually the first of many jelly fish sightings. Although we lounged around most of the time doing nothing more than reading, chatting and eating...we did find time to run back and forth in the waves pull for a quick workout, walk on the beach and my personal new found thrill...roller blading along the boardwalk (why hadn't I thought of that earlier? Please plan on bringing yours along next year).
Here are two of the ladies, showing what we did best...RELAXING.
We really did have a great time this year. It is amazing what a couple of days can do for your spirits. We laughed hard, played hard and ate way to much (Cheesecake Factory: note to self for next year, "even though you are hungry when you first get sit down, don't eat the bread before hand or the stomach will have a hard time finishing the best part...CHEESECAKE!")
Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so fun! I can't wait until next year! Can you?!


The Rowles said...

look at you with the uptodate blogg, you make people look bad. How am I supposed to claim I have too much on my plate and keep you linked in to my blog? What beach? I may not know anyone but I am always looking for a beach trip!Girls only even better!!!!!!

Trisha said...

Looks like SO much fun! I love girls weekends!

Marylin and Jimmy said...

How fun!! What a great group of friends to have! I need to have something like that with someone, not sure who yet but I will come up with someone :)