Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alaska State Fair Baby!

It all started with the BMX bike stunt show. My boys loved this so much, they asked to see it twice! The riders were available for autographs after the show, and both Calvin and Ethan got a poster and hat signed by these national ranked X game bikers.

A fair isn't a fair without the expensive, totally unsafe, thrill rides. Here we can see a perfect example of how fair rides drain your pockets...

The funniest show (and my favorite...thanks Maleen for the suggestion), was the lumberjack show! They made hiliarious wisecracks, raced up these tall polls, logged rolled themselves into the water and carved a rabbit in a log with a chainsaw.

We spent the entire day looking for free stuff (you all know how I feel about that) and felt we came away with plenty of junk. I think this was one of our best days yet!

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