Thursday, August 21, 2008

Faces in Places

Here is a random sampler of pictures from various days, various ways...

The boys have had an obsession with rocks on our vacation. Throwing any size, any place...
Here are the cute grandparents...(my mother broke her arm a month ago).
Here is Matt and I on one of our rigerous and might I add crazy workouts. At this point we have just hopped off a treadmill set at 25 incline (didn't even know they went that steep) at a full sprint to this contraption. We strapped on a belt and then self propelled the treadmill with weight to a full sprint. Matt looked good. I looked stupid.

Matt and Tiffanie getting ready to protect me and my family in the woods. It was a few mintues later we saw the bears. Matt so wanted the bear to come at us so he could shoot.
Captain Grandpa on the river...
Little Tally loving Calvin.

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