Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sommer Reading

Is this what many of you "Twilight" fans have been doing the past few days?! Well, it is what Sommer has been doing since yesterday...reading...non-stop. She loves the series and has loved this fourth book. She enjoys the writing of Stephanie Meyers so much, she has been begging me to read, "The Host" since she read it earlier this summer. Her latest attempt is to put it on my pillow each night. The only reason I haven't is due to my committment to the "Outlander" series. I am trying to get through book #4 (each book as at least 800 pages) before moving on.

I keep asking her how the book is and she looks up just like this and usually says, "Stop bugging me Mom!"

Our reader...Sommer!


Kris & Amy said...

Oh they are such good books! I have already finished the 4th one and loved it! You for sure need to read them.

a10cowwoman said...

I am waiting for my 4th to come in the mail. They are such good chic books.