Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Drought is Over

My Alaska drought was 6 years! The last time I was up North was on my mother's 60th birthday. Sommer, Tate (he was 6 weeks old) and I surprised her by flying up for her big day. She had no idea (and the biggest surprise was that my dad didn't leak the secret) we were coming. I had called her at the airport to wish her a happy day and to let her know how much I "wished I could be there." My brother and Dad picked us up and we hid out until dinner. After my Dad and Mom had sat down at her favorite restuarant, we all walked in...SURPRISE! It was January though...cold and dark.

We get to go this time during the super Alaska summer where it stays light for about 18 hours (with nothing more than dusk/dawn the other 6 hours) and the weather is cool and the possible activities are endless. I am a bit concerned about the 10 day forecast which calls for rain and temps hitting the high 50's...but I will take it!

I am taking Ethan and Calvin with me (they haven't been there) this time and they have been talking about the big trip for months now. Cal can't wait to golf with his Grandpa and Ethan is anxiously waiting to pan for gold. We will also hike (and attempt to avoid any bears), fish, hang out with my brother and family, go to the Alaska State Fair, etc. Fun.

I will definitely blog from Anchorage!


Jean Allen said...

Have a wonderful time! Needless to say, I am totally jealous!

Trisha said...

Have a great time! I love Alaska. My inlaws are going tomorrow and I'm SO jealous.