Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Day on the Potomac River

Yesterday was the first day all summer we had everyone free from commitments. Garth and I started brain storming all the various options (always those that are realitively cheap) of fun things we could all do as a family. On Friday, I went biking with my good friend Jamie. We were talking about our weekend plans and he invited us to his father's place on the Potomac River. What a perfect day! Thanks Jamie, Kimmy and Jim!
I never realized how wide the river actually was! Here are some of the kids getting aboard the boat for their first ever ride! They were so excited.
The kids love this little hammock.
Ashton ended up insisting (through his ability to scream) on being next to Captain Jim in the front seat the whole time.
Sommer posing on some rocks on the shore.
Have you ever wondered why they are called "blue crabs?" Well, here is your answer...they are actually blue. A few crabs ended up washing ashore (with a few other gross things), making Ethan and Tate's day.
For dinner we had crabs. Here is Jamie giving us all a lesson on how to actually eat these rather small creatures. The hammering part was Ethan's favorite. He was the only kid that ended up eating crab.
Tate was enthralled but refused to eat the crab meat (but a hotdog: no problem).
We had such a wonderful day with perfect weather, fun kids and great friends.

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