Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boys See Moose

Today while the boys were out riding bikes, they had their first encounter with a moose. As they approached the large creature (dumb idea), they began to chant, "Here Moosey, Moosey (also dumb)." Luckily, the local kids (and smarter) were just getting out of school and they told my ignorant boys, to stop doing that.

So today the boys discovered "the Clubhouse." In my parents neighborhood they have a center with indoor pool, weight room, etc. But what it has that thrills all children, is a huge glass counter filled to the rim with candy for sale. Yes. It is true. As a child, I frequented the candy store at the clubhouse. The boys have been back and forth all day...getting money for candy. How can I deny them?

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amyburb said...

I've been enjoying seeing Alaska through your oh-so-lovin' eyes! It looks gorgeous. I had to tell you that my dad had one of those fish pedicures--while backpacking! He came home and told me about it so I had to show him the pictures of yours. He just stood on a rock and the little fishes swarmed around and went to work. He also said he almost couldn't take the tickling.