Thursday, August 28, 2008

Casting a New Light

I have a cast. It is hard to use crutches. They hurt my hands. They hurt my pits. I am slow. It is difficult to clean. Messes are popping up everywhere. I can't carry things and use crutches at the same time. I can't drive (yet). Going down the stairs is a long and scary process. No weight bearing on foot for 3 weeks. No running, biking, swimming...nothing for 3 weeks, at least. I have a cast. Humbled, thankful, hopeful, insightful, empathetic...and free from housework.

I can't wait until I can run again though...


Shelese said...

Oh I just read up on your blog... looks like it was a schedule operation. I forgot about that. I hope you heal really fast! I loved your alask posts they were so fun.

Oh and I didn't know Hilary Weeks was your sister? I really like her stuff.

shawni said...

So what in the world happened? I'm so curious. I just sat down to finally hear all about your Alaska it sounds so awesome. I'm so glad you had such a great time. I'm so sorry you're on crutches now though gosh darn it!