Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alaska is Beautiful


The Curtis Family said...

Heytar! No kidding! You are making me so homesick. I haven't been up there for three years and I'm jonesin' for some Alaska.

So fun to hear from you on my blog, and to find Haymarket Happenings again!

Love it. I'll be back.

a10cowwoman said...

Wah. I wanna go to Alaska. Dan and Zayne are fishing up there next June.

James said...

So glad your trip was a success! Alaska looks amazing - I hope to visit there one day. Welcome home! Cherilyn

jaromandcynthia said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful. I would move to Alaska in a heartbeat! So glad you guys had such a fun trip! Good luck with the healing, you'll probably be caught jogging down the road with the cast on in no time!