Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Like Swimming in Figi Water

So I decided I would start doing laps at the pool during the kid's 15 minute required hourly break. I hope to get in 2 or 3 of these in per pool day. It worked like a charm today. I didn't hear any screams, fighting or craziness from the kids...but that could have been due to my head being under the water! I loved it so much! The sun on my back, the slow and steady stroke in the cool actually reminded me of Figi Brand bottled water. Have you had it? I had my first experience with it with Michelle last year in Arizona at the marathon. While at a gas station, Michelle purchased us each a bottle of it. Try it is hard to explain but it is soft. The water felt like it today. Click here to get the feeling or go swimming. Am I making any sense?


Marylin and Jimmy said...

Hee hee you crack me up! I know exactly what you are talking about. :) Oh on another note I thought I would let you know that we are doing a family fast for Aunt Annetta on this coming Sunday. If you need more info you can email me at

Ginger said...

You looked like you were having fun. Good for you. Maybe I will be joying you now and again.