Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fishing at the Lake

Calvin loves fishing. He spent most of his time at the lake catching fish. The only problem was his dislike for removing the hooks from the fish's mouth. The rule was, you catch it, you remove the hook...
Grandma didn't catch this fish...but she was kind enough to wrestle the catfish to remove the hook. No one else would do it.
We didn't have worms...but rolled up cheese and hotdogs were a hit.
He is going to be in for a big treat when he fishes in Alaska next month with Fisherman Extrodinaire...Grandma Novakovich! I think he will be a bit surprised when he realizes he can't just reel the fish in...he has to fight it in! YES! You read correctly, we are going to Alaska! I am taking Ethan and Calvin with me for a super summer visit to Alaska. We can't wait.

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