Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July...Lake Anna Style

We had a super Fourth of July at the lake. Some of our friends came down for a day of fun. Even Lisa was able to join us and drove late into the night from New York to be there. Thank you Bruce and Donna for opening up your home & garage full of toys! We created some wonderful memories:

The kids and I headed to Lake Anna on Thursday to spend the day with Grandma. Grandpa had to be in Haymarket to teach banjo lessons. I figured since Garth would be out of town until late Thursday night, we should go ahead and start having fun a bit early. Grandma and I managed beautifully with all of the kids and had a very fun day.

On Friday, the day started bright and early and we were on the beach by 9. The lake was smooth, the water clear and the skies sunny. By noon, boaters were zipping along, kids were frolicking in the water and skin was beginning to sizzle. With waves choppy, we took our first riders out on the three man tube. I was the spotter and in perfect position to see the ladies being tossed wildly on the water. I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. The kids were next and loved it despite the wild water.

We all had a relaxing time chatting under the tents, enjoyed the crazy diving session and loved watching the kids play for hours (without fighting) in the sand.

Later that afternoon, we headed back to the house for a BBQ were we feasted on burgers, salads and huge cupcakes. Our dinner was cut short when omnious clouds began to form and thunder was heard in the distance. One large group, headed for the beach to gather tents, chairs, wave riders, etc and a few of us stayed at the house to get all of the remaining food inside. I was amoung the lucky ones who remained at the house. We were able to get everything inside before the storm came. Those that were at the water ended up getting soaked, strained and stressed trying to man handle all of the water toys in high winds with sand whipping at their faces.

Eventually everyone made it back safely to the house, albeit wet. We all stood in the garage watching fierce lightning crash above our heads.

We then put a movie on for the little munchkins. Grandpa began to put together a large airplane. Some of us sat and chatted. We then for some reason unknown, began to talk yoga which then led us on the floor strutting our yoga stuff...down dogs, warrior pose and sun salutations...

The night ended with the secret underground fireworks society putting on a fabulous show right outside the house.

Happy Fourth of July!


ann said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for the invite. We had a great time.!


Goose said...

Looks like a blast!

Trisha said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Your kids are too cute.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

So much fun Heather! We had a great time!