Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mom and Me Week

I decided that this week would be the official "Mom and Me" week. I told the kids that they could each pick something they would like to do with me. We started it all off with everyone going together to House of Bounce. They had a super time. But I think each of our "dates" were even bigger successes! I hope to continue this tradition! What a perfect time to have special moments with each child.

Everyone/House of Bounce!

Calvin and Ethan/Laser Tag!

Calvin and Ethan both wanted to play laser tag. I was all over that idea! We spent the afternoon at Shadowlands in Chantilly. I wish I had pictures of our cool laser guns and packs. The first game was the best! I ended up placing number one and Ethan 3rd. Calvin was a bit upset by that. The next game wasn't as fun due to the huge amount of extra players. I only placed ninth...but Calvin ended up doing much more laser killing and placed 5th. We hit the local 7-11 afterwards for yummy slurpees and chips.


Ashton wanted to go to the library. He loves to do the myriad of puzzles they have in arms reach. It ended up being perfect timing after running into 4 friends that just happened to be there. He enjoyed seeing some of his buddies. We are going next week to participate in Alaska Day. They have a special guest that will be talking about our 49th state and doing a project. It will be perfect right before our trip there next month.

If only he had some M&M's to go with this book. He loves M&M's, so of course he loved this book!

Sommer chose to get her nails done. I was in desperate need of this activity! Sommer loved the back massage chairs and the lovely foot rub! Our toes turned out perfect.

Tate/Putt-Putt Golf

Tate wanted to go miniature golfing. We went to Broad Run for a fun but very hot and humid golfing excursion. I tried to give Tate a few putt-putt tips but he refused my help. He was struggling a little bit due to the fact he is left handed. I wasn't sure if he needed to hold the club with his left of right hand. It seemed that either way he looked awkward. After a few attempts at giving my opinions, I quit and just took pictures.

He had many colors of clubs to chose from. He went with a blue club and green ball. I got an extra blue one "just in case." Luckily I did that since they both were lost in the strange blue waters...we eventually found a net and caught a "red one."
I think his favorite part was jumping over these troughs of blue water. It was so hot, we were both wishing we could cool off in one of them.
Tate loves ice-cream. He picked "Swirleys" as his choice of ice-cream stops. He insisted I tried his oreo ice-cream cause "it was the best ever." He was right. It was the bomb.
Give a kid some ice-cream and you get this: Smiles and Sweetness (or at least until they get hot and cranky).

I had such a great time with the kids this week! Thanks for the dates.


Kristen said...

What a great idea! Dean has been doing that with the boys on Saturdays, but how fun to do it the whole week. Having a live in babysitter has to help too.

Eric and Alex said...

That's awesome! Great idea for getting one-on-one time with each of your kids. :)

Trisha said...

I love the one on one activities. I will have to try that idea...and will have to talk one of my kids into a pedicure. How did you get that one? Lucky girl!