Sunday, June 29, 2008

And the next contagious virus is...

Okay. Enough already. I guess this is what happens when you have mulitple children going multiple places...getting sick.

This week it started with Ethan. He had a low grade temp all week with a slight cough and congestion. I thought it might be strep but after looking over the symptoms, having a cough was NOT a symptom. It did make for a very quiet week with him laid up in bed watching movies.

A few days later Ashton came down with the same low grade fever and slight cough. It was Saturday night and I figured we would have to wait it out until Monday morning before I could take them to the doc for a strep test. But that night when I went to brush his teeth, he started to scream. I took a look in his mouth and noticed the most horrific tongue sores! This led me to only one conclusion: HFMD (Hand, Foot Mouth Disease). Back when the kids were younger and attending nursery, etc, we had experienced this lovely virus. But I have to be honest, I have only seen a mild form manifest itself with my kids. Mostly a low grade fever and loss of appetite.

The symptoms are a low grade fever and loss of appetite but also sores in the mouth, hands and feet. Rashes on the body can occur as well as a sore throat are common. My poor sweet Ashton was bombarded with everything. He has huge sores on both his tongue and the inside of his cheeks. When he was crying, I noticed them by his throat as well. He has a rash too.

This is a virus, therefore, it is not treated with anti-biotics and must run its course. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow, because today he is miserable.

What is up with these viruses? Maybe we should just stay inside for the summer!

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Kristen said...

OH my gosh! I think that Jonathan has the same thing. He had one immunization at his appointment on Weds, then had a fever Thurs-Fri. But I noticed a rash on his bottom Fri and it has spread over the weekend, again thinking it was a heat rash or just from his fever. And he has blisters on his feet (I thought maybe from his shoes/pool) and hasn't really had an appetite. What a great mother I am! Thanks for the info.