Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun at the Olson's Place

We had a great Saturday evening in West Virginia with our dear friends, The Olsons and The Hansens. The kids had a super time playing in their huge backyard, on the water slide, trampoline and basketball court. The adults enjoyed catching up, eating and eating. Garth and I were loving snuggling up with both of their 2 month old babies. The boys loved their bird (I can't remember what kind but man it was beautiful) and even though Ethan kept trying to pet it with a fast large hand thus frightening the bird to resort to biting him, he insisted on holding it on his finger and putting it on his shoulder. Calvin couldn't get enough of the pool table that turned into a ping pong table and tried to take Cynthia's title of , "West VA Ping Pong
Champ). They had a myriad of board games that my little boys were absolutely loving (since ours all are missing pieces/batteries. We really did have a great time! We are so blessed with such wonderful friends!

The only damper on the evening was during the ride home when Tate started screaming bloody murder from the back seat. "Bug! Giant Bug! Help me," he cried. Calvin yelled, "Help him! It is huge." Garth just about swirved off the road trying to talk Calvin through the process of killing the large (and quite disgusting looking) beetle that had invaded our car. After killing it, everyone was worried about "other" bugs that might be lurking in the darkness of our car (it was very late). Ethan was wimpering quietly about it and Tate refused to relax. I didn't say anything, but I was quite freaked out too, feeling strange "Phantom Bugs" sensations on my legs.

The ladies: Kathi, Heather and Cynthia
Kathi doing the most amazing back flip.
Ethan and "the bird," moments after the bird gave him a warning bite to "take it easy."
Ashton and the bird.
Trying to be cool.

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Goose said...

How fun. I love Cynthia's hair! Just reading about the gigantic creepy bug makes my skin crawl.